Modeling and Dynamics Study of Beam Leaf Spring System Based on Elastic Constraints
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Bushing constraint
Leaf spring
Dynamic model
K&C analysis



Submitted : 2024-03-18
Accepted : 2024-04-02
Published : 2024-04-17


This paper introduces an innovative approach using elastic bushing constraints to simulate the practical limitations of leaf springs. A comprehensive rear suspension system is constructed for a specific vehicle, incorporating parameterized preload for the leaf springs to ensure alignment with the actual vehicle’s forces and attitudes. Validation with real-world kinematics and compliance (K&C) dynamics data confirms the model’s accuracy in representing vertical, longitudinal, and lateral stiffness, along with dynamic characteristics. The study demonstrates that the dynamic model of the multi-leaf plate spring suspension, grounded in bushing constraints for the beam accurately simulates the actual vehicle. The model exhibits flexibility and motion characteristics that closely resemble the real vehicle, demonstrating high accuracy and good computational convergence.


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