Optimizing Multimodal Transport to Achieve Carbon Neutrality
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Multimodal transport
Logistics transport
Shaanxi Province



Submitted : 2023-11-27
Accepted : 2023-12-12
Published : 2023-12-27


Shaanxi’s government has issued a circular on optimizing and adjusting the transport structure for multimodal transport development (2022–2025). The circular involves implementing structural reform policies for the supply side of transport logistics, optimizing Shaanxi’s multimodal transport structure, promoting the integration of resources of the Shaanxi transport organization, and strengthening the coordination with regional development. As a result, a modern logistics and transport system that is green, safe, convenient, efficient, and economical, reduces carbon dioxide emissions, and contributes to carbon neutrality can be established. This paper includes an analysis of the general situation of multimodal transport in Shaanxi Province and the existing problems in railway transport, and several countermeasures are proposed.


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