Research on the Design of Shimao Heritage Tourism Cultural and Creative Products Based on Visual Cultural Symbols
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Visual culture
Cultural heritage
Shimao site
Tourism cultural and creative product design



Submitted : 2023-11-27
Accepted : 2023-12-12
Published : 2023-12-27


Cultural heritage tourism has been favored in recent years. It has become a “powerful commercial force” and also brought vitality to heritage protection and revitalization and the development of contemporary cultural and creative industries. Based on the perspective of visual cultural symbols, this article explores and creatively transforms cultural elements of Shimao culture, which contains extensive and profound Chinese civilization, and constructs methods and means for the design of cultural and creative products for heritage site tourism, aiming to broaden the activation of heritage culture. Cultural heritage tourism can better continue its cultural genes, exert its charisma and influence on cultural communication, and meet modern tourists’ needs for rich cultural experiences.


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