Fostering Optimal Supply-Demand Dynamics in Preventive Medicine Employment: A Case Study of Collaborative Initiatives between Colleges and Organizations, Illustrated by Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine
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Preventive medicine
College-organization cooperation
Supply-demand employment



Submitted : 2023-11-07
Accepted : 2023-11-22
Published : 2023-12-07


The increasing health demands of the population and the global rise in epidemic outbreaks present novel challenges for both preventive medicine research and public health practices. Recognizing the significance of cultivating talent in preventive medicine, the government places considerable emphasis on this endeavor. With nearly 10,000 preventive medicine graduates entering the workforce annually from various universities and colleges nationwide, the alignment of their employment with societal needs becomes a crucial focal point in nurturing these talents. Over the past three years, the author has conducted pertinent research on preventive medicine graduates from Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine. This research aims to propose a strategy for developing a high-impact, well-aligned supply-demand employment mechanism for preventive medicine graduates. The proposed approach centers on fostering collaboration between educational institutions and organizations to ensure an optimal match between the skills of graduates and the requirements of the broader society.


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