Analysis of Influencing Factors of Community Internship of Students Who Received Free Medical Training
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Free medical training
General medicine
Community internship
Influencing factors
General medicine education and teaching model



Submitted : 2023-11-07
Accepted : 2023-11-22
Published : 2023-12-07


Objective: To understand the profession, the purpose of community internship, the mastery of general medicine theory, and the factors affecting community internship among students receiving free medical training (hereinafter referred to as the free medical students). Methods: Taking medical students of a particular school in 2012, 2013, and 2014 as the survey subjects, electronic questionnaires were issued using the “Star Questionnaire” platform. Results: A total of 225 electronic questionnaires were collected. Univariate and linear regression analyses were conducted on the basic understanding of the profession and community internship. Pearson correlation coefficient analysis was also conducted to analyze the factors affecting community internships of free medical students. In terms of mastery of general medicine theory, 35.56% of the students mastered medical history collection and case writing skills. The understanding and mastery of clinical diagnosis and treatment methods, basic principles of general medicine, service models, and family-based management are relatively low, with percentages of 14.67%, 13.78%, and 12.89%, respectively. Conclusion: In the training of general medical students, it is important to provide strong guidance for their career planning. This will help them gain a better understanding and appreciation of the field of general medicine. Additionally, increasing their awareness of the role of general practitioners in the community is crucial. The focus of their training should be on developing clinical diagnosis and treatment skills, as well as fostering a patient-centered approach to healthcare.


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