Research on the Application of Big Data in Retirement Service Management
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Retirement service management
Big data Internet technology
Application strategy



Submitted : 2023-09-30
Accepted : 2023-10-15
Published : 2023-10-30


In view of the rapid development of China’s socio-economy, the field of science and technology has also
ushered in new development opportunities. Various modern information technologies have found extensive application in diverse societal sectors and various aspects of people’s daily lives. The most representative and widely used technology among them is big data. The 21st century presents not only an era dominated by information technology but also a growing challenge of an aging population in China. Consequently, there is a considerable journey ahead in terms of managing services for retirees. It is imperative to firmly establish the right mindset regarding the internet and big data concepts. Actively exploring diverse information technology applications in the service management for retired individuals and fostering innovative work models can lead to significant enhancements in service quality and efficiency. Therefore, this article presents a study on the application of big data Internet technology in the management of retirement services.


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