Integration of Huizhou Style Culture into Product Intention Expression in the AI Era——Take the Four Treasures of the Study as an Example
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Internet economy
AI era
Huizhou style culture
Four treasures of the study
Industry innovation



Submitted : 2023-08-30
Accepted : 2023-09-14
Published : 2023-09-29


When it comes to Huizhou culture, many people first think of Huizhou style architecture and Huizhou merchants. In fact, the Four Treasures of the Study is also a representative branch of Huizhou culture. Since the Northern and Southern dynasties, the Four Treasures of the Study has become an indispensable carrier of Chinese cultural inheritance. However, with the development of the times, especially the progress of the internet economy, people’s lives and studies have begun to emphasize the word “cloud.” Writing can be done directly on mobile phones or computer screens using an electronic pen. Traditional study tools such as paper, ink, pen, and inkstone have gradually faded out of the sight of ordinary people. However, in recent years, with the close integration of traditional Chinese culture and the Internet, industries bearing the imprint of traditional Chinese culture have gradually revived, with Hanfu culture being the most representative. Many cities in China have held Hanfu cultural festivals with the popularity of Hanfu, increasing the call for the revival of traditional Chinese culture. This paper mainly analyzes the inheritance status of the Four Treasures of the Study, one of the representatives of Huizhou culture, by combining artificial intelligence (AI) technology, the driving force of Internet technology, and proposes three strategies on revitalizing the Four Treasures of the Study in the AI era, hoping to assist in the cause of rejuvenating Chinese traditional culture.


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