Design of Magnetic Integrated LLC Transformer
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LLC resonant converter
Loss analysis
Magnetic integrated transformer



Submitted : 2023-05-31
Accepted : 2023-06-15
Published : 2023-06-30


The direct current/direct current (DC/DC) converter of the LLC (inductor-inductor-capacitor) converter is an important part of affecting the work efficiency, volume, and weight of the device. It not only has the functions of traditional transformers but is also able to solve the problems of traditional power transformers’ high price, huge volume, prodigious no-load loss, and inflexible control. This paper studies the DC/DC converter mainly, according to the given indexes, the magnetic integrated LLC resonant transformer is designed in detail. The magnetic integrated transformer greatly reduces the converter volume, and the selection of devices is completed based on parameters design. In addition, according to design parameters, losses and the efficiency of the LLC resonant transformer are calculated. The results meet the efficiency requirements. A test platform of a full-bridge LLC resonant converter is built according to theoretical research. The correctness and effectiveness of theoretical research and design methods of the DC/DC converter are verified by analyzing the experimental waveforms.


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