The Primary Health Care Services in a Philippine Province
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Primary health care
Health programs
Survey method



Submitted : 2024-02-06
Accepted : 2024-02-21
Published : 2024-03-07


The study aimed to assess the effectiveness of primary health care (PHC) in selected municipalities in Batangas,
focusing on various health programs. It involved 384 respondents from different municipalities. The questionnaire was the primary data collection instrument, validated by experts and based on national health programs provided by the Department of Health. The findings revealed that the majority of respondents were females aged 40 to 50, with a high school education, and primarily from Barangay Buli, Taal, Batangas. The effectiveness of PHC services varied across different health programs. Programs like maternal and child health, Expanded Program on Immunization, tuberculosis control, and dental health were considered effective. However, diarrheal disease and STD/AIDS prevention programs were rated less effective. Significant differences were observed when assessing the effectiveness of PHC services based on respondent profiles. Respondents aged 51 and above had a more positive view of PHC effectiveness, except for the Diarrheal Disease program. Females generally perceived PHC services as more effective than males, except for specific programs. Educational attainment also influenced the perceptions of effectiveness. Recommendations included requesting increased budget allocation, building facilities, and using social media for awareness campaigns to improve PHC services.The proposed action plan was suggested for future implementation and evaluation. Future research should explore the delivery of PHC services using different variables, specifically focusing on service delivery in PHC.Keywords: Primary health care; Health programs; Effectiveness; Survey method


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