Separation or Integration: Analysis about the Theories of Vocational Enlightenment Education Courses
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Vocational enlightenment education
Vocational enlightenment education courses



Submitted : 2023-05-31
Accepted : 2023-06-15
Published : 2023-06-30


Currently, vocational enlightenment education is being implemented in various forms in some primary and secondary schools, but there is still an ongoing exploration of the recognized forms of vocational enlightenment education. The two main forms of vocational enlightenment education at present are independent implementation in a separation-based approach and integration with other disciplines. Analyzing the basic forms of vocational enlightenment education through the lens of disciplinary development theories such as disciplinary training and interdisciplinary studies can help us understand its construction foundation as well as the pros and cons of its development. In order to establish a unique form of vocational enlightenment education curriculum, it is necessary to clarify its distinctive features, delineate its knowledge domain, and establish disciplinary boundaries. Through a continuous process of standardization, scientific development, and stability, vocational enlightenment education can transcend disciplinary boundaries and integrate with related courses to innovate its distinctive practical approach.


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