Exploration on Building a Part-Time Job Platform for College Students: Taking Xi’an Medical College as An Example
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College students
Campus part-time job
Platform construction



Submitted : 2023-05-31
Accepted : 2023-06-15
Published : 2023-06-30


With the rapid development of the economy and the continuous progress of society, the competition for talents is becoming more and more intense, and the employment pressure of college students is increasing sharply. More and more college students are choosing to do part-time jobs while studying to improve their communication and hands-on skills and lay a solid foundation for future employment. However, due to the people with malicious intents, the part-time job market has become a mess, and cheating, skimming, trafficking have occurred from time to time, which are a great threat to the students’ safety. Besides, the enthusiasm of college students towards their part-time jobs will also be affected. This article is based on the innovation and entrepreneurship project, “Blueberry Part-time Job,” for college students at Xi’an Medical University, which provides a reference for the regularization of part-time jobs for college students and the construction of a part-time job platform for college students.


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