Research on the Practical Approach of Rural Governance from the Perspective of “Fengqiao Experience”
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Fengqiao Experience
Homestead disputes
Rural governance



Submitted : 2023-02-27
Accepted : 2023-03-14
Published : 2023-03-29


Rural revitalization cannot be separated from a harmonious and stable social environment. In the process connecting poverty alleviation with rural revitalization, the public security situation has taken on new features, new changes have taken place in crime patterns, and the people have new expectations. The study takes the criminal case of three deaths and three injuries caused by a homestead dispute in a village in Fujian Province as an example and analyzes the pain points of rural homestead dispute governance in the new era, such as the obvious trend of intensification of rural homestead disputes, the insufficient mediation measures at the grassroots level and undesirable results, and the increase of the complexity of problem due to the intervention of public opinion. This paper analyzes the difficulties faced by rural governance, such as the impact of economic interests on the stability of the rural autonomy, the lack of grassroots governance, the settlement of homestead disputes, and the intensification of the situation due to moral constraints. On this basis, a practical approach to realize rural governance is proposed.


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