Cultivation of Craftsmanship Spirit Among Vocational College Students Through Skills Competitions
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Craftsmanship spirit
Vocational college students
Skills competition



Submitted : 2023-02-26
Accepted : 2023-03-13
Published : 2023-03-28


With the continuous progress of industrial production line technology, more and more frontline workers are needed. The quality of products not only depends on employees’ theoretical knowledge and professional skills, but also their conscientious and responsible work attitude in pursuit of excellence. The importance of cultivating craftsmanship has been recognized by vocational institutions and cultivating students’ craftsmanship has become one of the goals of vocational education. Skills competition is an important part of the vocational education system, in which it not only acts as a platform for students to showcase their capabilities and compete with others, but also promotes the spirit of hard work and craftsmanship and inspires more workers to hone their skills. We reviewed research of scholars and propose that craftsmanship is an inevitable requirement for high-quality development of vocational education. Finally, the article puts forward five targeted suggestions on how to cultivate students’ craftsmanship in the process of skills competition preparation and participation, which can provide reference for vocational institutions in terms of promoting craftsmanship and enrich the cultivation path of craftsmanship.


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