Research on the Employee Satisfaction of the Chinese University Graduates: A Case Study of Qingdao Hengxing University of Science and Technology
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Vocational school
Employment quality
Employment satisfaction



Submitted : 2023-01-29
Accepted : 2023-02-13
Published : 2023-02-28


In recent years, the problem of job dissatisfaction among graduates of in vocational and technical universities is particularly significant. Through field research, it was found that it is not difficult for graduates to find a job, but it is difficult to find a job that is satisfactory. Therefore, a questionnaire is distributed in this study, the research subjects are the university graduates from Qingdao Hengxing University of Science and Technology that have graduated from this university for half a year. Then, an empirical study was carried out to analyze how to properly construct an employee satisfaction evaluation system for vocational universities and evaluate the factors affecting employee satisfaction. Based on the results of this study, it is recommended that employers, universities, and students should take effective measures to cope with external changes in the market and concentrate on self-improvement. Besides, the government and other relevant departments should also take corresponding supporting measures to support the employment of vocational school graduates, reduce employment barriers, and achieve a mutually beneficial situation.


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