Study on the Influence of Short Videos on the Popularization and Development of Tai Chi
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Short video
Tai Chi



Submitted : 2023-01-30
Accepted : 2023-02-14
Published : 2023-03-01


The purpose of this study is to analyze the challenges faced in popularizing of Tai Chi and the impact of short videos on the popularization of Tai Chi. Then, several suggestions are put forward on how short video Tai Chi can be popularized through short videos. Through literature review, this study analyzes the difficulties faced in the development of Tai Chi, such as lack of dissemination methods and long learning time. Tai Chi practitioners and organizations should make full use of the advantages of short videos in the new era, keep up with the trends, actively introduce new dissemination methods, firmly grasp modern communication methods, create Tai Chi-related short videos, and provide guidance to Tai Chi content creators.


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