Research of Collection Arrangement of Gelao 's Genealogy
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Submitted : 2021-02-20
Accepted : 2021-03-07
Published : 2021-03-22


The Gelao nationality is one of the oldest minorities in southern China recognized by the academic circles. However, up to now, the genealogical research of Gelao nationality is still very weak. The reason is that the genealogical data of the Gelao nationality is extremely scarce at present, which seriously affects the development of relevant research. Therefore, it is urgent to collect and sort out the genealogy of the Gelao nationality in a comprehensive and systematic manner. The genealogy research of Gelao nationality will use the following methods: the combination of document acquisition method and field survey method; digital collection method; document cataloging method and summary method; content analysis and value analysis; intra-ethnic and inter-ethnic comparative analysis. The Gelao genealogy research has several academic values: it provides solid data support for related research in philology, ethnology, history, and other disciplines; it helps to expand the research scope and field of genealogy; it helps to promote the in-depth development of Gelao studies. The practical significance of the study of Gelao genealogy: it helps to promote family construction in Gelao areas; it helps to enhance the cultural confidence of Gelao people and maintain the harmony and stability of Gelao areas.