Development of Management Science from 1991 to 2021: Review of Publications Indexed in WoS
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Management science
Qualitative research
Literature review
Systematic review
Web of Science (WoS)



Submitted : 2022-08-28
Accepted : 2022-09-12
Published : 2022-09-27


Management is a discipline that has existed for as long as humans have, but its theoretical underpinnings are relatively new. There was already evidence of the creation and use of management ideas since 2900 BC, when Egypt was deploying over ten thousand people to build the pyramids. During the Middle Ages, the Greek, Roman, and Chinese empires all created their own versions of management theory. Modern management throughs were a 20th-century phenomenon, and management was only recognized as a formal study since the late 19th century. In this paper, the development background, thoughts and schools, existing problems, research methodology, discipline branches, and functions of management as a social science are systematically discussed and elaborated. A systematic review approach was used to summarize and analyze the 2,772,999 publications included in the Web of Science from 1991 to 2021 to find out the overall trend of publication, the published organization or institution, and the high-frequency research areas.


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