Analysis on the Current Situation and Countermeasures of Food Supply Protection in Sichuan Province—Based on the “Post-Epidemic Era” Perspective
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Submitted : 2022-07-26
Accepted : 2022-08-10
Published : 2022-08-25


Food security means national security. Grain bears on the national economy and people's livelihood, and high-quality grain supply is the cornerstone of ensuring and maintaining social stability and development. Sichuan province is one of the 13 main grain-producing areas in China and the only one in western China. It is a major province with large population and grain consumption. Since the outbreak, the central and local governments have attached great importance to grain supply in Sichuan, and a stable grain supply system has been established in Sichuan. But at present, there are still challenges such as the decrease of sown area, shortcomings in warehousing and logistics, and prominent structural shortage of grain reserves. In view of this, suggestions are put forward to consolidate the basis of grain production, improve the system of grain purchase and storage, and strengthen market monitoring and early warning.


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