A Case Study of Local Revitalization in Taiwan: Taking Macaran as an Example
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Local revitalization
Regional planning
Community construction
Aboriginal tourism



Submitted : 2022-07-31
Accepted : 2022-08-15
Published : 2022-08-30


The main purpose of this study is to analyze the local revitalization plan of indigenous peoples in Taiwan, China in respect to Macaran in Southern Taiwan, China by qualitative research methods. Based on this study, the actions that are necessary in order to revitalize indigenous tribes are as follows: (1) tribal leaders should create local revitalization teams and establish counselor mechanisms; (2) build ethnic consciousness and set clear revitalization goals; (3) identify the DNA of local revitalization development region; (4) collaborate with external enterprises and universities for joint development; (5) provide employment opportunities to attract young people or talents to return to their hometowns to work after the maturation of the plan.


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