Discussion and Implementation of Ideological and Political Construction of Chemical Engineering Courses: Polymer Characterization and Testing as an Example
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New engineering specialty
Professional courses
Ideological and political construction
Talent training



Submitted : 2022-06-27
Accepted : 2022-07-12
Published : 2022-07-27


Curriculum ideological and political construction is a novel requirement and concept of the current curriculum colleges and universities’ teaching reform. As the undergraduate core course majoring in Polymer Materials and Engineering, the course of Polymer characterization and Testing has updated their teaching concept, and introduces ideological and political elements in their course to keep pace with the time. Firstly, it expounds the necessity of performing ideological and political education in the new engineering professional curriculum, and then introduces the implementation status of the curriculum ideological and political education. Secondly, the professional curriculum framework system and the teaching content were combined, and it deeply excavates the strategies and methods of the curriculum ideological and political education. Thus, the experience for the ideological and political construction of the professional curriculum under the background of the new engineering was provided.


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