Current Status of China’s Business Environment Research Based on CiteSpace Bibliometric Analysis
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Business environment
Mapping analysis
Visual econometric analysis



Submitted : 2022-06-14
Accepted : 2022-06-29
Published : 2022-07-14


A good business environment is not only a necessary condition for the healthy development of enterprises, but also an important reflection of the core competitiveness of a country and region. A comprehensive overview of the current status of business environment research is conducive to understanding business environment research. Based on CiteSpace’s metrological and graphical analysis of 1,168 core journals in the CNKI database from 2000 to 2022, it is found that the hotspots of business environment research in China are mainly focused on the reform of “management and service,” “high-quality economic development,” “government services,” and “the path of optimizing business environment.’ The clustering results and high-frequency word clouds show that the keywords of business environment have evolved into several sub-themes, including several research clusters, such as decentralization, soft business environment, and private economic development. With the development of high-quality economy, the conversion and integration of research paths in business environment, as well as the expansion and updating of research perspectives, the research on optimizing business environment will become a new academic growth point in research.


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