A Study on Corporate Public Diplomacy and National Image, Based on “16+1” Cooperation
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Corporate public diplomacy
National image
“16 1” cooperation
International cooperation



Submitted : 2022-04-30
Accepted : 2022-05-15
Published : 2022-05-30


Public diplomacy is an important aspect for the national development therefore, many enterprises are increasingly involved in the cooperation with different countries, in different fields, especially in the economy and trade market. In 2012, China established diplomatic cooperation and relationship with 16 different countries in the Central and Eastern Europe, subsequently leads to the establishment of the “16+1” cooperation platform. In the route of strengthening the cooperation between the two sides, more enterprises are participating in the economy and trade cooperation with different countries. A number of enterprises, are involved in the specific cooperation projects such as port construction, transportation, and financial cooperation. In the process of globalization, sharing, and integration of culture from different environments is something that due to happen, which may influence in the shaping of the country’s image.


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