Analysis of Preventive Measures for Human Resource Management Risks
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Human resource
Risks in human resource management
Risk of human resource acquisition
Risk of human resource investment



Submitted : 2022-02-08
Accepted : 2022-02-23
Published : 2022-03-10


With the rapid development of China’s social economy, major enterprises are also developing rapidly. The development of the market economy presents a problem, whereby the market environment is becoming fiercely competitive. In order not to be eliminated in market competitions, it is necessary to secure the management of human resources. This is directly related to the key issue of whether enterprises are able to develop smoothly. However, there are still many problems in the current human resource management situation. One of the most important issues is the risk of human resource management, which has a huge impact on the development of enterprises. This paper begins by analyzing the source of risk in human resource management, and subsequently proposes some preventive measures based on the reasons. It is hoped that the proposal of these solutions can contribute to the socialist construction of the country.


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