Exploration of Practical Teaching Mode of Electrical Control and Programmable Logic Controller Application Based on Project Teaching Method
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Project teaching method
Electrical control
Programmable logic controller



Submitted : 2024-04-21
Accepted : 2024-05-06
Published : 2024-05-21


In today’s prosperous industrial era, training electrical control personnel to meet the needs of the industry remains one of the important tasks of colleges and universities. How to effectively cultivate electrical control personnel has become an unavoidable issue for industry and colleges and universities. Aiming at the problems existing in the current teaching mode of electrical control and programmable logic controller (PLC) application, this paper proposes a new teaching mode based on the project teaching method. The methodology aims to increase student engagement, deepen understanding of theoretical knowledge, and reinforce the development of practical skills. Through the implementation of the project teaching method, it is expected to effectively cultivate electrical control talents to meet the needs of the industrial control industry and inject new vigor into the development of modern industry.