Thoughts on the Teaching of Art and Design in the Era of Artificial Intelligence
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Artificial intelligence
Mechanical reproduction
Art and Design major



Submitted : 2022-05-31
Accepted : 2022-06-15
Published : 2022-06-30


The advent of artificial intelligence has transformed the original mode of material and spiritual production. In view of autonomous machine intelligence, artificial intelligence has become a “production subject” and a new “subject” in the production of cultural intelligence, complete with legal social identity. The visual products produced by intelligent agents are not only the reproduction of the original vitality of some originals. More precisely, their works are the continuation of the concept and style of a designer. In a broad sense, they are the reconstruction of human civilization consciousness. The works produced by artificial intelligence mechanically create the material and conceptual parts of visual products, which directly leads to production mode transformation. The transition from “production tool” to “production subject” ensues a new thinking in the teaching of Art and Design courses. This paper analyzes the shift of production mode in the era of artificial intelligence and the trend changes epitomized by the characteristics of the Art and Design specialty, so as to put forward suggestions and thoughts on the development direction of existing curriculum teaching.


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