Innovating the Construction and Management of the Teaching Faculty in Colleges and Universities
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Colleges and universities
Teaching faculty
Construction and management mechanism



Submitted : 2022-05-31
Accepted : 2022-06-15
Published : 2022-06-30


Colleges and universities are the fundamental grounds for cultivating high-quality and application-oriented talents. They are inseparable from national progress and social development. The construction of the teaching faculty is a huge factor affecting the sustainable development of colleges and universities. College and university teachers play important roles in education, teaching, research, and professional construction. Teaching activities and talent training are inseparable from the support of excellent teachers [1]. In order to meet the challenges of the new round of curriculum reform, strengthening the construction and management of college and university teachers as well as accelerating the development of higher education have become urgent tasks for the development of colleges and universities. Based on this, this paper analyzes the noteworthy predicaments in the construction of the teaching faculty in colleges and universities and proposes corresponding suggestions for them.


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