An Innovative Thinking About the Management Mode in Colleges and Universities in the Context of “Da Zhi Yi Yun”
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“Da Zhi Yi Yun”
Big data
Mobile internet
Cloud computing
College and university management



Submitted : 2022-05-31
Accepted : 2022-06-15
Published : 2022-06-30


In recent years, “Da Zhi Yi Yun” (integration of big data, intelligentization, mobile internet, and cloud computing) has taken the wave of global management technology reform, especially in management decision-making and the education mode in colleges and universities. China boasts the world’s largest higher education; additionally, its internet education and information education are also developing at a rapid pace. Therefore, it offers a suitable environment for the application of “Da Zhi Yi Yun.” In this context, this paper aims at the problems in the management and application of current mobile cloud platforms in colleges and universities and proposes strategies for the effective application of “Da Zhi Yi Yun” from two levels: teaching management and student management.


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