A Discussion on the Innovation of Physical Education in Colleges Under the New Media Environment
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New media
Colleges and universities
Physical education



Submitted : 2022-05-31
Accepted : 2022-06-15
Published : 2022-06-30


The social economy in China is undergoing a critical period of transformation and upgrading. New media technology is booming and is widely used in various fields. In the new media environment, the use of new media in the field of education has also garnered attention. With the popularization and dissemination of new media by modern college students, college physical education has ushered in not only new development opportunities, but also various challenges. In the new media environment, means such as flipped classroom will become an innovative trend, and teachers can further promote the innovative development of college physical education as well as improve the efficiency and quality of this kind of education through online education, short videos, social software, and other auxiliary methods [1]. Based on this, this paper makes a comprehensive analysis of the significance of using new media technology in college physical education and proposes corresponding strategies for the innovation of college physical education under the new media environment, in hope to provide some reference, improve the effectiveness of college physical education, and promote the concept of “lifelong physical education.”


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