Analysis and Exploration on the Current Situation of College Students’ Online Credit: Taking G University as an Example


College student
Credit products
Irrational consumption




With the continuous development of Internet finance, online consumption is becoming a trend among a growing number of college students but at the same time, the risk of online consumption is also gradually becoming more apparent. Colleges and universities are susceptible to frequent credit consumption risk events such as “campus loan.” This paper focuses on the relevant influencing factors and characteristics of consumption behavior in college students under the background of the era of Internet finance. This paper presents an analysis based on 303 sample collected from G University. It is found that the online credit products come from a wide range of sources and are highly accepted by college students. Consumption patterns are diversified. Most of them can be treated rationally, but the students’ repayment ability is limited. In this regard, colleges and universities, families and the government should strengthen cooperation in order to guide college students to establish a rational concept of consumption.


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