Automobile Transportation Logistics Supply Chain Management Strategy
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Automobile transportation
Logistics supply chain
Management strategies



Submitted : 2024-01-26
Accepted : 2024-02-10
Published : 2024-02-25


To enhance the management level and quality of the automobile transportation logistics supply chain and promote innovation and development in automobile transportation logistics enterprises, it is essential to strengthen the construction of the automobile transportation logistics supply chain management model. This can be achieved through the gradual improvement of the automobile transportation logistics management process, ensuring that the management of the automobile transportation logistics supply chain proceeds in an orderly manner. The aim is to improve automobile transportation and logistics service levels while meeting the changing market supply needs. This will enable automobile transportation and logistics enterprises to maintain steady economic benefits and enhance their core competitiveness in the market. Therefore, this paper has conducted a comprehensive exploration and research on managing the automobile transportation logistics supply chain. Corresponding management strategies are proposed as a starting point to achieve the aforementioned goals.


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