Economic Analysis and Research of New Energy Vehicle Promotion Model
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New energy vehicle engineering
Promotion model
Economic analysis
Sustainable development



Submitted : 2024-01-26
Accepted : 2024-02-10
Published : 2024-02-25


New energy vehicles represent the inevitable trend of future development. Compared to traditional fuel vehicles, they are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, effectively reducing air pollution and mitigating excessive exploitation of oil resources, a stance strongly supported by governments. However, new energy vehicles possess certain drawbacks in terms of price and usability compared to traditional counterparts. Therefore, external support is imperative for their development. This paper delineates four main sections: the background of new energy vehicle promotion and application, a comparative analysis of domestic and foreign promotion models, specific promotion suggestions, and future development prospects. By leveraging insights from economic analysis, the optimal promotion model for new energy vehicles is elucidated.


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