A Comprehensive Measurement Study Analyzing Cross-Border Logistics in Harbin New District
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Harbin New District
Cross-border logistics
Measurement of business environment
Index system



Submitted : 2023-11-29
Accepted : 2023-12-14
Published : 2023-12-29


The business environment is an important index for measuring the international competitiveness of a country or region. Improving the business environment not only helps the logistics industry reduce costs and increase efficiency but also promotes the transformation and upgrading of the logistics sector. This paper focuses on the business environment of cross-border logistics enterprises in Harbin New District as the research object. It constructs the business environment index system of logistics enterprises in Harbin New District through empirical research using the subjective weighting method. The research data are then analyzed to identify the shortcomings in optimizing the business environment of cross-border logistics in Harbin New District. The paper proposes countermeasures and suggestions, aiming to provide a decision-making reference for promoting the high-quality development and all-round revitalization of Harbin New District.


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