Discussion on Statistical Monitoring and Evaluation of High-Quality Development of County Economy
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County economy
High-quality development
Statistical monitoring and evaluation



Submitted : 2023-11-22
Accepted : 2023-12-07
Published : 2023-12-22


The county economy serves as the fundamental unit in China’s economic development and construction. There exists a significant correlation between the quality and level of county economic development and the overall economic construction level of the country. In recent years, China’s economy has experienced rapid growth, contributing to an improved living environment and substantial economic income for its citizens. However, this progress has also brought to light certain issues, such as an unbalanced industrial structure and inefficient resource utilization, leading to problems such as low efficiency and severe environmental pollution. Therefore, it becomes imperative to enhance the statistical monitoring and evaluation of high-quality county economic development. This approach aims to gather insights into the development status of the county economy and provide essential data support for decision-making in county economic development. Consequently, this paper proposes development suggestions for the statistical monitoring and evaluation of high-quality county economic development, serving as a crucial starting point for future initiatives.


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