The Current Status and Prospects of China’s Low-Carbon Economic Development
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Low-carbon economics
Green development
Chinese economy



Submitted : 2023-11-22
Accepted : 2023-12-07
Published : 2023-12-22


This paper aims to explore the importance of developing a low-carbon economy in China and presents a series of key recommendations. Firstly, it emphasizes the adverse impact of economic development on the natural environment and highlights the unsustainable nature of China’s previous pursuit of economic growth at the expense of its ecological surroundings. Subsequently, the paper provides specific recommendations in response to the pressing resource and environmental challenges in current economic and social development, along with the urgent need to accelerate the transition towards a greener, low-carbon economy to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals. The key recommendations include continually enhancing the legal framework for a low-carbon economy, optimizing the energy structure, improving energy efficiency, and optimizing the industrial structure. These proposals aim to offer concrete actions to support the development of a low-carbon economy in China, encompassing legal support, energy transformation, and industrial upgrading. Ultimately, this paper underscores China’s potential in developing a low-carbon economy and calls for resolute actions to strengthen legal frameworks, foster technological innovation, and promote industrial restructuring. These actions will guide China towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious economic future, aligning its growth trajectory with the global imperative to reduce carbon footprints.


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