Positioning Analysis of AY Field Brand
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SWOT analysis
Market positioning
Supplier brand



Submitted : 2023-11-22
Accepted : 2023-12-07
Published : 2023-12-22


For a considerable duration, the traditional dairy product market in China has been dominated by a dual oligopoly, primarily led by Mengniu and Yili. Regional brands such as Guangming, Junlebao, and Sanyuan have engaged in staggered competition, contributing to a pattern of feudal separatism among local brands. AY Group, positioned as a significant independent player in the China dairy industry, has strategically extended its reach downstream in the supply chain, establishing the consumer brand AY Field. Despite possessing a robust advantage in self-owned ranches and delivering high-quality products, AY Field grapples with challenges related to unclear market positioning and low brand awareness among final consumers. This study employs a SWOT analysis to delve into identifying a market positioning strategy that best suits the AY Field brand. The research reveals that the current dynamics of competition in the dairy industry market are predominantly concentrated in the high-end and low-end segments, leaving a noticeable gap in the middle market. Leveraging the natural, high-quality, and competitively priced attributes of AY Field milk, the recommended market position involves supplying ambient liquid milk that aligns with the consumption habits of young individuals and office workers. This strategic positioning aims to offer high-quality products at moderate prices, addressing the specific needs of the identified consumer demographic.


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