Understanding Credit Risk in Internet Consumer Finance: An Empirical Analysis with a Focus on the Young Generation
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Young generation
Credit risk in Internet consumer finance
Influencing factors
Logistic model



Submitted : 2023-11-22
Accepted : 2023-12-07
Published : 2023-12-22


In recent years, internet finance has garnered increasing attention from the public. Online lending, emerging within the framework of Internet finance as a pivotal component, has witnessed substantial growth. While online credit, within the realm of Internet finance, presents numerous advantages over traditional lending, it concurrently exposes a plethora of credit risk issues. This study aims to facilitate the effective utilization of online credit tools by the young generation within the context of Internet finance. Additionally, it seeks to ensure the overall stability of the Internet finance environment and mitigate risks for the youth. Given the significance of understanding credit risk management for college students in the age of internet finance, this paper adopts the logistic model to evaluate credit risk in internet consumer finance and provides pertinent recommendations from the perspective of the young generation.


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