Cloud Computing Standardization: Fueling Digital Economy Industry Advancements
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Cloud computing
Digital economy
Industrial development



Submitted : 2023-09-20
Accepted : 2023-10-05
Published : 2023-10-20


In recent years, China’s information technology sector has witnessed rapid growth. The development landscape of cloud security, storage, servers, and data centers, all linked to the cloud computing industry, has seen continuous expansion. The significance of cloud computing standardization in driving the development of the digital economy industry has grown notably. This article aims to present the fundamental concepts of cloud computing, provide an overview of its application in fostering the digital economy industry, analyze the current status and principal challenges in cloud computing standardization research, explore strategies for leveraging cloud computing standardization to empower the digital economy industry and offer a range of application scenarios. The goal is to summarize experiences and offer valuable reference material for relevant stakeholders.


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