Research on the Relationship Between Human Resource Management and Corporate Environmental Responsibility
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Human resource management
Corporate environmental responsibility



Submitted : 2023-09-20
Accepted : 2023-10-05
Published : 2023-10-20


The significance of human resource management in enterprise management is steadily growing, especially as businesses today are expected to shoulder their share of social responsibility. Among these responsibilities, corporate environmental responsibility assumes a pivotal role. This paper aims to investigate the interplay between human resource management practices and corporate environmental responsibility. The study employs various factors of human resource management practices as independent variables, using the current environmental status quo and environmental innovation capacity as intermediary variables, and adopts multiple regression analysis to scrutinize the influencing factors of corporate environmental responsibility. The findings underscore that when the working environment is favorable, enterprise human resource management practices can effectively enhance corporate environmental responsibility. Furthermore, when supported by environmentally responsible behavior, these human resources practices exhibit a positive influence on a company’s environmental responsibility. Consequently, this study provides practical recommendations for enhancing corporate environmental responsibility.


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