Exploring a Typical Regional Model for Rural Industrial Revitalization: Using Shimen Township as a Case Study
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Rural industrial revitalization
Geographical model
Shimen Township



Submitted : 2023-10-11
Accepted : 2023-10-26
Published : 2023-11-10


Implementing the strategy of rural revitalization and embarking on the path of socialist rural revitalization with distinctive Chinese characteristics are essential steps in addressing existing gaps in agricultural and rural modernization. These steps aim to swiftly increase farmers’ incomes, enhance agricultural production capabilities, foster high-quality rural economic development, and rectify issues related to uneven development. Revitalizing rural areas and alleviating poverty among the majority of farmers represent major decisions made by the state regarding the “three rural issues.” This paper conducts an analysis and discussion centered on Shimen Township in She County within the context of the agricultural and rural development revitalization strategy. The objective is to identify prevailing challenges and propose relevant solutions.


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