Research on the “New University” Management System from the Perspective of Finance
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Local government
New university
Management system
Financial affairs



Submitted : 2022-09-21
Accepted : 2022-10-06
Published : 2022-10-21


Since the release of the “Outline of the National Medium- and Long-Term Education Reform and Development Plan (2010–2020),” “new universities” have garnered widespread attention. The system and mechanism of these “new universities” are different from those of traditional universities. They have their own ways of running schools, management systems, and personnel training methods, all of which bring a different kind of pressure to government management. Looking from a financial perspective, this is also the key research subject of finance and financial personnel. We put forward implementation suggestions for the construction of the “new university” management system based on the experience summed up in the work and contribute to the country’s higher education.


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