Research on the Rural Logistics Development Model Based on Online and Offline Transactions


Online and offline
Rural logistics
Rural economy
Logistics system




As the world’s second largest economy and a traditional agricultural country, China has not yet achieved the goal of modernizing the logistics of agricultural products. The overall modernization of its logistics industry has not been achieved either. Due to the poor overall performance of its agricultural product logistics, the level of China’s agricultural product logistics is still in its infancy, with high logistics costs, large losses, and low efficiency. In fact, the construction of a modern agricultural product logistics system in China is lagging behind. This has seriously affected the process of agricultural industrialization in China. Compared with its urban socio-economic development, its rural development is relatively lagging behind. The “three-rural” (including agriculture, rural area, and peasant) problem caused by the divided urban-rural structure in China has distorted the relationship between workers and peasants. This has become a global problem, affecting China’s economic and social development. The core problem is the slow growth of farmers’ income. The bottleneck that has been restricting their income has shifted from production to circulation. In recent years, the promulgation of a series of policies and documents has brought both, hope and challenges to the online and offline integration and development in the field of agricultural product circulation. This paper briefly outlines the characteristics and status quo of rural logistics development based on online and offline transactions, and provides some effective suggestions on how to build a new rural logistics development model based on online and offline transactions, in hope to assist the development of new rural logistics models in China. The construction provides a reference for the development of the logistics industry in China’s rural areas, thereby promoting the circulation of agricultural and sideline products, and better developing China’s rural economy.


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