Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Economic Development


Artificial intelligence
High-quality development
Industrial upgrading
Industry optimization




The economic growth pattern in China is changing from high-speed development to high-quality development. In order to promote high-quality economic development, it is necessary to promote the transformation and upgrading of all aspects of social reproduction. Artificial intelligence has promoted high-quality economic development in China from the aspects of innovation effect, technology spillover effect, factor improvement effect, and technology optimization effect. However, there are still several problems in China’s AI development, such as the lack of core technologies, privacy and security, as well as the lack of high-tech talents. To this end, China should advance basic theoretical research and key generic technology development to improve the self-reliance of science and technology, as well as optimize the development environment of the industry and improve the relevant laws and regulations as well as the ethical norms system. A system to train high-quality personnel and a mechanism that allows personnel flow should be established to promote high-quality economic development.


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