Research on Multichannel Supply Chain Pricing Under Different Dominance
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Multichannel supply chain
Customer channel preference
Channel power structure
Price competition



Submitted : 2021-09-28
Accepted : 2021-10-13
Published : 2021-10-28


In a multichannel supply chain comprising of dual-channel retailers with both physical and online channels as well as single-channel e-tailers with online channels, a multichannel demand model for e-commerce is constructed based on customer channel preferences, and a Stackerberg game model with price competition dominated by dual-channel retailers and single-channel e-tailers as well as a Bertrand game model with equal rights are established to analyze the impact of different channel rights structures on the price, demand, and profit of the two retailers. The results show that the single-channel e-tailer under the dual-channel retailer-dominated game has the highest profit, and the dual-channel retailer under the single-channel e-tailer-dominated game has the highest profit; thus, both retailers should accept the other’s dominant channel rights for profit maximization.


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