Research on Urban Building Parametric Modelling Method Based on CityEngine
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CGA rules
Urban planning
Texture mapping
Parametric modeling



Submitted : 2024-01-27
Accepted : 2024-02-11
Published : 2024-02-26


With the advancement of technology and the development of cities, urban planning and management methods are also constantly improving. From paper-based assignments to modern digitization, new technologies have enabled more efficient design and management for cities. 3D modeling can used to simulate the urban environment, which can assist in urban planning and management. However, large-scale modeling cannot be achieved through existing modeling methods, and there are still some shortcomings in the maintenance of the model. Therefore, this article proposes a Computer Generated Architecture (CGA) parametric 3D modeling method based on CityEngine. Research on expanding and customizing modeling rules to create indoor and outdoor modeling rule templates for buildings and methods for generating urban 3D models have been carried out. The results have shown that the completed model can be displayed on different platforms thanks to parameterized modeling. The model can be modified easily and directly applied to the analysis and decision-making of urban planning schemes.


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