Advancements and Applications of Polyurethane Curing Technology in Railway Track Bed Construction in China
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Polyurethane curing
Railway track bed
Infrastructure optimization
Prefabricated construction



Submitted : 2024-03-27
Accepted : 2024-04-11
Published : 2024-04-26


This paper examines the application of polyurethane curing technology in the construction of railway track beds, with a specific focus on its implementation in China’s rapidly developing railway infrastructure. The study begins by identifying the limitations of traditional ballasted track beds, especially under the demands of high-speed and heavyload railways. It then methodically analyzes the advantages of polyurethane-cured track beds, highlighting their improved mechanical properties, including enhanced stability and durability. The paper further explores the benefits of transitioning to prefabricated polyurethane track beds, emphasizing significant cost reductions, better construction quality, and enhanced maintainability. Through a detailed review of experimental data and practical applications, the paper demonstrates the efficacy of polyurethane track beds in various railway settings. A critical part of the research involves optimizing the structural parameters of polyurethane track beds to achieve the best balance of mechanical and damping properties. The conclusion of the paper underscores the potential of polyurethane curing technology as a transformative approach to railway track bed construction, offering a solution to the challenges posed by traditional methods and aligning with the evolving needs of modern railways.


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