Nighttime Construction Noise Disturbance Compensation in Beijing: Taking the Tongzhou New Campus Project of Renmin University of China as an Example
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Construction noise disturbance compensation
Construction management
Civil disturbances



Submitted : 2023-12-27
Accepted : 2024-01-11
Published : 2024-01-26


By examining a specific case of compensating for nighttime construction noise in Beijing’s construction projects, we explored how the costs of mitigating construction noise disturbance could be fairly distributed among multiple construction projects near residential areas. In this process, the local government played a crucial coordinating role. According to regulations, construction units must include the costs of preventing and controlling construction noise pollution in the project cost. The construction contract should clearly specify the construction unit’s responsibility for noise pollution prevention and control. After signing the contract, the construction unit should promptly undertake relevant measures to minimize disturbances caused by nighttime construction, aiming to reduce the adverse impacts on the community and ensure the smooth progress of the construction project.


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