Assessment and Optimization Strategies of Campus Sound Environment
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Green campus
Teaching building
Noise control
Acoustic optimization



Submitted : 2023-12-03
Accepted : 2023-12-18
Published : 2024-01-02


A good sound environment is essential in creating a harmonious and peaceful campus, improving students’learning outcomes, promoting physical and mental health, and creating a green and healthy campus. This study investigated the impact of new buildings on existing ones by optimizing the spacing between new buildings and the sound insulation structure of building enclosures. The results indicated that building 4 was affected by the noise from new building 1 and its surroundings, with a maximum outdoor daytime noise level reaching 69 dB, and the indoor background noise level in the least favorable classroom was 43.73 dB, less than 45 dB, which was within the acceptable range. It is recommended that the sound insulation design be improved in the planning of new teaching buildings. Besides, the surrounding traffic conditions should be improved, and the usage time of sports facilities should be scheduled appropriately to prevent the noise from sporting activities from affecting the classroom activities. The findings of this study provide valuable references for future architectural acoustics design and campus planning, contributing to the creation of peaceful and comfortable campus environments.


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