Research on Developing BIM Intelligent Construction Programs Based on Application-Oriented Talent Cultivation
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Application-oriented talent training
BIM intelligent construction
Professional construction



Submitted : 2023-09-25
Accepted : 2023-10-10
Published : 2023-10-25


Cultivating application-oriented talents have become essential in vocational and higher education. This concept also applies to BIM intelligent construction programs. Based on literature review and general observations, we analyzed the connotation, key points, and value of developing a BIM intelligent construction program based on application-oriented talent cultivation. We also identified problems in the development of the program such as lack of comprehensive planning and the school being the sole authority in program development. Therefore, we proposed several strategies to address these problems, including systematic program development planning and fostering a multi-faceted partnership between schools and the industry. The goal is to provide valuable insights for the development of relevant programs in the new era.


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