Analysis of Intelligent Construction Technology of Building Prefabricated Components Based on BIM
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Construction engineering
Prefabricated components
Intelligent construction technology



Submitted : 2023-09-25
Accepted : 2023-10-10
Published : 2023-10-25


In this paper, the intelligent construction of prefabricated components is analyzed based on building information modeling (BIM). It includes an overview of BIM-based prefabricated components and intelligent construction, intelligent production lines in BIM-based intelligent construction systems, and analysis of the application of intelligent manufacturing in BIM-based prefabricated components. It was found that the determination of construction goals, the establishment of intelligent construction systems, and the application of intelligent construction systems are all areas that need to be emphasized in producing prefabricated building components through intelligent construction. It is hoped that this analysis can provide some reference for the application of intelligent construction and the improvement of the quality of prefabricated building components.


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