Indoor Space Modeling and Parametric Component Construction Based on 3D Laser Point Cloud Data
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3D laser scanning technology
Indoor space
point cloud data
Building information modeling (BIM)



Submitted : 2023-09-25
Accepted : 2023-10-10
Published : 2023-10-25


In order to enhance modeling efficiency and accuracy, we utilized 3D laser point cloud data for indoor space modeling. Point cloud data was obtained with a 3D laser scanner and optimized with Autodesk Recap and Revit software to extract geometric information about the indoor environment. Furthermore, we proposed a method for constructing indoor elements based on parametric components. The research outcomes of this paper will offer new methods and tools for indoor space modeling and design. The approach of indoor space modeling based on 3D laser point cloud data and parametric component construction can enhance modeling efficiency and accuracy, providing architects, interior designers, and decorators with a better working platform and design reference.


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